Employer of record company

Employer of record companies are an essential tool to support consultants, industry specialists,  business professionals and entrepreneurs in the development of their professional endeavors.

A regulated status

Umbrella company services are registered within the French Labour Code under the law n ° 2008-596 of June 25, 2008 governing the modernization of the labor market.

Operating procedures



First contact with ABC Portage
Presentation of the project, FAQ

Finalizing your contract with your Business customer
ABC offers the necessary logistics

Sign the “Portage Agreement” between you and ABC Portage
This contract confirms our partnership

Sign the “Project Contract” between ABC Portage and your Business customer
Outline contractual conditions regarding the project and your client

Sign the “Employment Contract” between ABC Portage and You
Security for your job status

Transfer of salaries
According to your timing and with total transparency

The contractual agreement with the freelance administration defines the terms of the relationship between ABC Portage and your consultant :

  • Appointment of an account manager who will  handle all the procedures
  • Assistance in the negotiations between your consultants and you, unlimited technical support
  • The signature between ABC Portage and your consultant

The work order satisfies business legislation and establishes the contractual relationship between ABC Portage and your company :

  • Definition of the assignment
  • Transfer the legal responsibility between the corporate entities
  • Agreement for the terms of stewardship : the time period, the required interventions, the starting date, advances, salary, and the handling of expenses
  • Conditions for rupture, termination, or incapacity…
  • The signature between ABC Portage, your consultant, and your company

The work contract addresses all legal obligations with regards to work legislation :

  • Short-term or long-term contract, full-time or part-time
  • The duration  specified by the work order; customized to your specific needs
  • Benefits from the French social coverage
  • ABC Portage is held responsible before French legal tax and adminsitrative authorities.

More information about umbrella company in France: