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From the day you first know about the project and start discussing terms with your client to the date you receive your payment, although there is a contractual procedure time involved, it is all actually a quick process. Basically, it’s almost up to you because you are the one who will either negotiate or perhaps even establish the deadline in direct conversation with the company that selected you for the task.

After dialogue between you and the company is finished and once all conditions are set, ABC Portage will immediately proceed with the next step. We are able to issue an Employment Contract with you within only 48 hours, which is indeed a fast period considering this is a document that takes into account the specific agreement for the particular task as well as obligations related to work legislation. This contract is your ally as it protects you as an employee, clearly stating that we carry out with the legal and financial obligations.

ABC Portage also guarantees their employees get paid as soon as the payment is received. We are committed to our consultants’ satisfaction and the best way to match their professionalism is to promptly respond to their salary expectation. No long waiting periods for further administrative handlings, we take immediate action.

ABC Portage saves your time

Although the different agreements and procedures could make you think that taking part of an umbrella company model could delay your working time, in fact this is an agile system that just use the exact and minimum necessary time to set the conditions that will provide you protection and save you from taking care of administrative details that you may not know how to do.

Think about it: if you were alone in charge of the whole management operation through the entire process as freelancers do, it would take you much more time. Freelancers have to deal with the payment of taxes on their own, just to name one of the many time- wasting requirements. They sometimes need to sign some sort of contract with their clients, which usually lead them to consult a labor advocate. And they are so busy with the before and after processes that they can’t rush as they would want to when the time comes to accomplish the actual assignment. It is also a stealed time to move on and have the possibility to find the next project anytime soon.

Umbrella companies allows consultants to just focus in their work without having to worry for anything else. Their only other time invested is when they are negotiating the working conditions, an essential move for them to keep their autonomy. Without this freedom of choice, the consultant would feel just like a common employee, in its traditional definition. But employees of an umbrella company can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, whilst shy freelancers have to face the moment of asking for the payment -which is even more challenging when the client presents a delay for any reason-, ABC Portage assume this duty. Salary payment is done exactly as promised in timing and quantity.

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