Employed in France with ABC Portage

France is very attractive for doing business thanks to its large modern economy with a highly educated workforce that enjoys good working conditions and social security coverage. This leads to many employees with a high standard of living and therefore a sophisticated consumer base.

In recent years, a new business scheme gained popularity: umbrella companies. For those people choosing to work for these companies, being an “umbrella consultant” combines both freedom and flexibility from freelancing with employment security and stability.

Besides, for those companies choosing to work with umbrellas (the clients), it offers a guarantee of professional standing in a variety of fields, whether they are technical or organisational. When opting to work with ABC Portage, you do not need to face additional procedures or worries. It is as simple as coming to an agreement and paying for the service. You are free to select the consultant that best fits your needs and leave any administration or tax worry to ABC Portage.

The consultant receives the money, after tax deductions, national Insurance contributions and an umbrella fee. Since ABC Portage focuses on the administrative aspects of the job, consultants can maximize their work hours to their fullest potential and offer their best to your company.

In parallel, you are free from any administrative or tax process regarding the consultant. You can save time and costs and rest assure that ABC Portage will manage everything. We have different procedures to ensure the assignment to be done in the best way.

Our steps include:

Sales contract between ABC Portage & the Client

The communication between ABC Portage and the client is direct. The contract should outline the project conditions as well as its duration, rates, etc.

While the contract between the umbrella company and clients is running, the assignment contractual responsibility is transferred, which means that ABC Portage is responsible for getting the assignment finished according to the requirements. Once the worker finished with the project, we issue an invoice to the client for payment.

Employment contract between ABC Portage & the employee

The employment contract secures the job status of the consultant. Umbrella companies act as employers, therefore all consultants working with them should sign it.

The document specifies the contract duration and conditions. The worker is expected to work on specific projects according to the parameters of the job description, while ABC Portage is responsible for invoicing for the employee’s work, administration and paying for their taxes.

Invoices to be issued by ABC Portage to the client

Umbrella companies are merely intermediaries between the companies and the consultants. As part of the process, ABC Portage will invoice the client for the hours the consultant worked on the project, and any reimbursable expense they may have incurred on the job, according to the legislation.

Payment made by the client to ABC Portage

We will receive the payment from the client, including expenses, and then we will deduct the fee for administrative services and calculate the tax and contribution to French social security. Once these deductions applied, we proceed to of the consultant payment, along with providing the detailed payslip.