The different contracts of umbrella companies

ABC Portage ensures an efficient operation and the guarantee of high-quality projects finished on time, so there are no surprises. Under this system, a tripartite relationship takes place, with benefit for all involved parties.

  • First, the company gets in contact with us and presents the project. We then make sure of having a comprehensive understanding of the specific goals through a Questions & Answers step with the client.
  • A second phase begins when the customer company selects the right consultant to handle the assignment. They negotiate conditions such as the work rate and other fundamental terms of their contract in a free manner for both. ABC Portage, as the intermediary, offers the logistics for this negotiation that ends when the contract is signed.
  • Signing the Contractual Agreement between ABC Portage and the consultant is the third stage. This document confirms our partnership and defines the relationship terms. An account manager will handle the procedures, helping with unlimited technical support.
  • A Project Contract is then signed by ABC Portage and the company, outlining the project conditions. The company transfers the assignment contractual responsibility, ABC Portage ensures the payment of the consultant’s salary. In this Work Order, the agreement of terms is established, including deadlines, the consultant related fee, handling of expenses, revisions of advances, as well as termination or incapacity conditions.
  • The Project Contract is followed by the Employment Contract between ABC Portage and the consultant in order to secure the consultant’s job status. It addresses the legal obligations in accordance with the work legislation. For instance, it is stated that ABC Portage is held responsible before French legal tax and administrative authorities. Also, it outlines the benefits of the social coverage in France. This document also specifies the contract duration, if it is a full-time or part-time agreement, the solutions tailored to the client’s needs, among other details.
  • Last but not least, ABC Portage fulfils the payment of the consultant’s salary, according to the initial agreement between them and the business customer. This salary results from deducting social charges i.e. taxes and national insurance, plus the fee for our services, from the total amount provided by the client.

If you are thinking there is a lot of signing in this process, you are right, and that is on purpose. As a leading umbrella company, we take very seriously the work that lies in our hands. We make sure to address any difficulty and that you do not take any risk.

These steps, with all their formalities and legal conditions, are a guarantee for both consultants and companies that we operate in a fully committed way with effectiveness and transparency. We not only follow legal procedures but also guarantee your peace of mind regarding the compliance with regulations, so you don’t have to worry about annoying administrative work.

An umbrella company is certainly the best way to ensure an efficient freelancer-company relationship, free of any uncertainty. We act as a wall against bad practices, as an insurance against non-compliance. We are the solution you were looking for.