ABC Portage operating procedure

At ABC Portage we receive many different types of projects on a daily basis. This is the first step for every successful tripartite relationship we are part of. Our very first work is to attain total understanding of your needs – activity sector, project scope, objectives, technical information.

Then, it’s time for you to find a suitable specialist. Whether you are looking for a translator who is a Zulu native speaker or perhaps a Graphic Designer who can create an awesome brand identity for your business, finding him or her is a task just for you. You are the one who knows exactly what you need and how you want it done, therefore you will soon identify who is the right person to perform this job. France is full of top experts in many fields and there won’t be any problem finding your ideal freelancer.

Make sure the professional you selected is as excited about the project as you are. This will lead to real commitment, which is as necessary as high-quality results. Passion is what drives people to do their best. The resume will give you hints of the consultant’s interests and strengths, so take note of the job background and even personal tastes in every profile you read.

Once you feel happy with your excellent discovery, you can proceed to integrate the consultant via ABC Portage. By then, you will have clear conditions in mind, like time of delivery and other specifications. Of course, keep in mind that we will be there to help in your negotiations.

The process begins to take a real form: the legal and technical terms are discussed, the signing of contracts and finally the consultant’s work. Everything is perfect and the results could not be better. You are entirely satisfied and ready to move on to your next project. All remaining work is ours. This means we will take care of the administrative issues.

For the consultant, this is the moment of payment. There is a difference between a common freelancer fee and an umbrella company employee. The first one receives the entire earning and then has to deal with the taxes and other social obligations, having less time to focus on the actual work. Our consultants, instead, are paid a salary. We handle their taxes so they don’t have to.

This a a huge advantage for consultants. Let’s face it: nobody likes dealing with this kind of paperwork, except for accountants. And not everybody is good at it, sometimes it can be a hard and confusing thing.

We also take our commission out of the company’s payment before paying the consultant. ABC Portage’s fee is around 10% of the monthly invoice. By commissioning us the administrative work, the consultant is free to do just what he loves and what he is good at.

In sum, ABC Portage offers plenty advantages, such as:

    • A useful partner in your search for qualified consultants.
    • The expertise necessary in setting up your personnel in France.
    • A team of multidisciplinary specialists at your service.
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