Try the french market

The French market is an important hub for different industries, and it has a well-prepared workforce, so different companies are attracted to the French market. If this is your case, ABC Portage could be your best choice because we ensure that your projects will be carried out in the best way. The process is fairly easy:

First, you contact ABC Portage and present the project

We would like to know more about your project or job in order to understand your needs and expectations.

You will have all the autonomy to select your consultant and negotiate with them, while ABC Portage provides all the logistics needed.

Second, negotiations between the consultant and your company are held

In this negotiation process, you both will get to discuss about the pay rate and working hours and once these negotiations have succeeded, the consultant can sign an agreement with you, where obligations of each party are stated.

Third, ABC Portage and your consultant sign a “Contractual Agreement”

In this agreement, we will clearly state those tasks we assume, such as support to negotiations between the employee and yourself, unlimited technical support and management of all tasks relating to the French Administration. In the same way, we will oversee the worker’s tasks, so we can make sure the objectives are met.

Fourth, the “Project Contract” between ABC Portage and your company

After you select the consultant and fill in the work order, you will sign a “Project Contract” with ABC Portage on behalf of your company. This contract presents information and details about the project type, the time and frequency, required involvements, starting date, the amount you have agreed to pay the service provider and conditions for breach of contract. With this step, you transfer the assignment contractual responsibility.

Fifth, “Employment Contract” between ABC Portage and the consultant

Before becoming part of ABC Portage staff, the service provider is required to sign a document known as the “Employment Contract”. With this, they become an ABC employee. ABC Portage will assume all responsibilities before French tax and administrative authorities.

The contract can be either short-term or long-term and will detail the obligations and rights of both parties, along with the duration specified by the work order and the benefits consultants are entitled to with the French social security.

All agreements are based on transparency and honesty and there is a 100% guarantee to fulfil the project, according to the negotiated consultant timing.

Administrative management of a French employee

ABC Portage guarantees compliance with all French laws regarding work issues. Therefore, we set up different contracts with the parties involved. Sales contract with client: It will state the job and its conditions, standards of completion, duration, etc. Contractual agreement with employee: The document will detail the expert job title and duties and  ABC Portage’s services.

Employment contract with employee: Ensures the employee security from status and addresses all the worker obligations such as social insurance and others.