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If you are interested in hiring the services of a consultant under payroll model but you are still not sure about the procedure, don’t worry, we are here to assist you. ABC Portage has the experience and know-how you need to get started.

Indeed, despite the fact that Portage Salarial is already a successful system that have provided help to many national and international companies and has created employment stability in France, not many people are yet familiar with the concept, and if you are a businessperson from a foreign country you probably have many doubts regarding French legislation.

Umbrella company is actually a simple principle. Its functioning depends on three basic arrangements:

  • One between the client company and the consultant.
  • Another for ABC Portage and the client company.
  • A third one between ABC Portage and the consultant.

All the elementary information of the process explained in a concise way can be found in our User manual of umbrella company. You can download the flyer here. Do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed consultation.

How to find your consultant

Through our partnership, you have the opportunity to spread your project offer to ABC Portage consultants and thousands of freelancers.

This is how you can post a project in three clicks:

  • Create your free account. Sign up to start publishing.
  • Post your offers. There are no limits in the number of offers and the service is free.
  • Increase your visibility.

Are you looking for a skilled consultant?

One of the biggest advantages of trusting in the services of ABC Portage is that we have a good network of consultants for your business.

Our headquarters are in Paris and we have offices in major business hubs so we are close to those potential consultants who may end up working in your projects – retired professionals, unemployed executives, researchers, future entrepreneurs who want to test the market and gain freelancing skills, students. They come to us to ask for information and we’ve seen them grow and get well established.

This doesn’t mean they are the only consultants we have. Our international presence and experience with overseas clients allow us to also work with consultants abroad performing services for foreign clients.

For instance, it could be the case of a French environmental specialist who needs to contribute his experience in a project developed in Madagascar, which takes a year to complete. The consultant will be entirely focused in his activity while we manage the local administrative formalities. And you as a company won’t miss the opportunity to work with the best specialist you found.

Each consultant is a blank book to write successful stories together with you. ABC Portage is a national network at your entire disposal, your useful partner in the search for qualified experts.

Benefits for the company with payroll services

  • Cost control: you only pay for the service provided, instead of hiring an employee.
  • Quick process: the consultant will deliver the project in a very good deadline because his earnings depend on the number of projects he can handle.
  • Good results: consultants are highly-skilled professionals that are not so easy to find in the traditional recruitment process.
  • Simplicity: the portage company manages the administrative tasks, relieving both the client company and the worker.
  • Strict operation: ABC Portage guarantees an efficient procedure.
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