Advantages of ABC Portage

When considering globalization and reaching out to the French market, you can be certain that ABC Portage has the keys that will open the doors for your business. Before establishing a French subsidiary, it is a common and recommended practice to test the waters first, and this is the reason why your consultants in France will really be helpful.

We believe in the power of the economic bridges that destroy geographical frontiers and shorten distances. We are your business process outsourcing, ready to help you achieve your business vision of growth. Entering the French market can be a smooth process if you have the right strategy and ABC Portage will take the administrative weight off your shoulders. As your Freelance Administration provider, you do not have to be distracted by a recruitment process, but instead you can be free to concentrate your efforts on your business plan.

There are many more advantages of seeking outsourcing service in a foreign country. It is the way to have representation overseas without even putting a foot outside your borderlines. The freelancer could be your local manager, a trainer for your staff, sales representative or the human resources consultant.

For us, your commercial interest is a serious matter. For you, we are a great tool to achieve great things. You can have absolute trust in our services since we are members of the Union of Employment Professionals in Portage Salarial (PEPS, for the French acronym) and the Federation of Trade unions for the Council, Engineering and Digital Services (CINOV).