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Popular for the past 30 year, wage portage is a simple and quick solution. Wage portage is suitable for consultants looking for more freedom. It is also a perfect solution for companies wishing more flexibility. You wish to quickly set up a mission with experts ? Choose wage portage to immediately start in total safety.

Wage Portage : The main contours and tenets

Wage portage is a relation between three essential players :

  1. Umbrella companies. They have the authority to recruit by this means. Traditional companies cannot recruit in wage portage.
  2. The consultants, who become employees of the umbrella companies. They research their clientele.
  3. The business customers. They work with the consultants, but pay the services to the umbrella company.

In other words, an umbrella company is an intermediate between the consultant and the business for which he does his missions.

Wage portage is a new type of greatly appreciated work. It created close to 400,000 jobs over the past 10 years in France. Perspectives predict a large progression in the number of consultants under this statute.

Wage Portage : A quick solution for consultants

Wage portage is very interesting for the consultants who want more security and less administrative constraints. At Resources Manager, we intervene on several fields, like invoicing the services, administrative management or professional training.

The portage employee is free from these constraints. He can achieve his multiple missions in total independence with his customers. He only concentrates on the core of his profession.

The umbrella company collects the settlements of the services. It then pays a monthly salary to the consultant. Thanks to wage portage, consultants have an employee statute while being perfectly independent.

Wage Portage : A quick solution for companies

When you launch a new project in a foreign country, there can be important risks :

  • Legal risks because of the misunderstanding of the country’s legislation.
  • The weight of formalities slowing down the activity.
  • The wrong choices of the providers.
  • Inadequacy of the offer to the consumers’ needs.

Thanks to wage portage business customers can achieve complex missions without hiring personnel on open-ended contracts. It is not necessary to fulfil a number of administrative tasks. With wage portage businesses can quickly start their projects.

To quickly start a mission the business must set several elements :

  • The object of the mission and the expertise wanted.
  • The mission’s duration, number of months.
  • The mission’s location. Must the consultant go on the company’s premises or work from home ?
  • The available budget.

Do you have any questions ? Please contact our counsellors to obtain information and clarity. We help and assist you to achieve your business plans. Choosing wage portage is adopting a solution very quick to set up. You can benefit from consultants experts in their field.

Resources Manager : Advantages for the businesses

Simple and accessible, Resources Manager assists businesses in developing their projects. 10 % of the turnover achieved by our consultants is achieved with foreign customers. We are used to work with foreign companies.

Thanks to our implementation in big cities and regions in France, we can help you reach the French market. We help to comply with the French legislation. Our trademark and certifications acknowledge our daily work. We work for the success of our consultants and the satisfaction of our business customers who trust us.

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You have a project or a mission that needs a specific expertise? Contact our teams to be counselled on wage portage. You will have a solution to quickly recruit an expert consultant. Portage employment allows businesses to quickly fulfil their needs.