Wage portage for consultants

There are many advantages from working remotely, and we can name a few. Forgetting about the traffic stress is one of them or saving money from not having lunch outside every day. Maybe you want to expand your professional options with clients from different countries or perhaps your current job is not satisfactory enough.

If you are thinking of joining this lifestyle, you are probably considering the available options. For instance, setting your own company. This would be a risky move, since you would have to live off your savings for a while before starting to gain recognition and a good client base. Besides, you would have to become an expert in business administration or hire the services of an agency to help you with the payment of legal obligations, client’s bills and much other paperwork.

Being a freelancer on your own is not very different because you would still have to deal with these problems. However, freelancing in combination with a traditional employee scheme, could be the answer. Umbrella companies are exactly that. It is an innovative concept that allows the professional to keep the advantages of being a freelancer while having the stability of an employee.

Today, freelancers can approach any market with confidence as this way of working has become more popular and represents a convenient strategy for companies. But the freelancer usually feels trapped in uncertainty, especially when it comes to the payments. Umbrella companies guarantee this does not happen, acting as a channel between the consultant and the business customer.

Umbrella companies deal with:

  • Payment of consultant’s salary.
  • Contracts and agreements.
  • Paperwork (such as taxes handling).

They make sure the process is efficient, quick and transparent. When you subscribe to this model, you can be sure that you are protected by the work legislation and that you are keeping the rights such as social coverage. The umbrella company is accountable before the authorities for your taxes and you do not have to worry about these contributions.

  • Pros for companies
  • ABC Portage will handle the administrative work
  • Working from home or anywhere else
  • Having own schedule
  • Earning as much as wanted, according to number of projects and your negotiations
  • Guaranteed payment
  • You negotiate your working conditions
  • Gaining experience in varied assignments
  • Employee benefits
  • Interesting projects from different clients
  • Being own boss – no corporate rules
  • Cons for companies
  • It is not your own company
  • Compatible with intellectual or administrative activities except regulated professions
  • No direct human contact in your workplace
  • No investment opportunity

About ABC Portage

You can rely on the services of ABC Portage, a recognized leader in the Freelance Administration industry with 14 years of experience. We provide services to French and foreign companies who want to hire specialists from France – 25% of our clients are internationally based.

We help companies to set up their personnel in France, which means great opportunities for all French professionals of all fields.

ABC Portage, born in 2004 and with more than 2,500 partner companies, was the first portage company ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Trainings and meetings

We help interested professionals in building their path to success with the “Becoming independent consultant” training course, where they will learn everything they need to know about umbrellas, ABC Portage and their possibilities for growth. In this training we address the administrative, legal and social framework.

This personalized support includes continuous training, so that you can stay updated in your field and know first-hand all the news about this work system. Training is a fundamental element in the professional exercise to be competitive and have the specialized tools customers expect.

Once a month, ABC Portage group organizes information meetings in the country major cities as well as videoconferences to explain all about “salary portage “and inform consultants and clients of the group’s operations.

These meetings aim at providing all details regarding regulations, benefits, existing arrangements, operation, compensation processes and many more. In France, this regulated system is still little known and thus we contribute to a better understanding on the matter.

Meetings and training give consultants great chances to build a business network and promote themselves among other members. Professionals often need to consult experts from other fields to develop their work, or it could be the case that the company ask them for a recommendation, and they happen to know the right person.