Save time

When we begin a business project, time management becomes a priority. Learning how to organise your planning and your teams are the main keys to success. You wish to develop new projects in France, but are afraid of the bureaucratic overload ? What if wage portage was the solution to assist you in the implementation of your project ?

ABC Portage can assist to help and allow you to save precious time.

Wage Portage : What is the use ?

You wish to start your business projects without loosing time with redundant tasks ? Thanks to wage portage, you can delegate complex missions to qualified people that are at your service. You wish to start a project with a wage portage consultant ? At ABC Portage, we assist you day after day in your activity’s success.

You can fully concentrate on the development of your business strategy. Our consultants achieve the necessary complex missions for you. Our consultants are all experts in their field.

The role of an Umbrella Company

An umbrella company is a privileged intermediate between you and the expert consultants. Our company is also a relay between you and the French market. When we wish to start a new project, the choice of the team is important. This choice can take a lot of time. Our umbrella company can help you put together this team of consultants for your missions in France.

Your company doesn’t need to organise a recruitment plan or select different profiles. We know each of our consultants, his or her profile, his or her course and experience. We thus offer expert consultant profiles which match your projects. An umbrella company works in the recruitment and choice of your provider to save you precious time.

At ABC Portage, we have the true ability to handle behind-the-scenes tasks of your activity. Don’t hesitate to ask some advice or make an appointment with our counsellors to get assistance in your projects.

Legislation respect

French legislation includes specificities that are necessary to know. A foreign company can make mistakes that can have consequences. An umbrella company is here to help you. We ensure the legal compliance of the work established.

Payment follow-up

The umbrella company redacts invoices on behalf of the consultants. The business customers pay the service to the umbrella company. The consultants can follow the payments, but they don’t directly bill their services to the business customers.

Our company lists the entire compulsory statements in the invoices. Furthermore, we keep these documents as per the legal minimum required time. This provides security and reliability for the services billed.

The consultant’s financial security

In addition, the portage consultant is not impacted by the absence of a payment. In fact, we pay the consultant without waiting for the business customers’ settlement.

This advance on the service’s payment provides security for the consultant. The consultants can achieve their mission in total confidence. This procedure is beneficial for the consultants as well as the business customers.

Knowledge of the French market

At Resources Manager we have a real knowledge of the French market and the growing sectors. We can help foreign companies work in France to develop their activity.

You wish to develop in a specific French region ? We have counsellors and offices in several French cities. We can guide you to succeed in the French market.

Time saving brought to the consultant

The umbrella company is also particularly useful for consultants. We provide our help and our assistance to the consultants on the following points:

  • Help for all the administrative, social and tax-related tasks. We take care of accounting, storage of documents, formality and tax settlements for our consultants.
  • A digital storage space for sensitive or even confidential documents. These documents are essential for the consultant’s activity. It is a true safety provided.
  • An access to internal training to enable them to develop their skills. We are attached to the competence-building of our consultants. This is the key to their success.

Our expertise thus allows us to help wage portage consultants as much as business customers.

Contact our Umbrella Company

Contact ABC Portage to assist you and help you save precious time. This time will be an essential asset to succeed in the French market. As a company, you will save time on regulatory compliance, choice of the consultants or the study of the French market.