Our advantages

Why umbrella company services is the best solution for you ?

Immediate implementation of the professional relationship with your provider

With ABC portage, the administrative procedures are facilitated. Thus, your service provider can start the assignement entrusted directly and allow you to realize your project in an efficient way and concentrating on its expertise. In addition, it allows you to be relieved of all the constraints of hiring a new employee within the structure.

A dedicated account manager for the processing and follow-up of the account of each company and consultant

ABC Portage supports all consultants but also companies by administering an account manager who supports you during the assignement. Our main mission is to support and be able to bring satisfaction to all parties and allow the company and consultants to focus on their expertise.

Legal compliance Legal compliance(no risk of requalification and bargaining offense)

Umbrella company allows to have a status regulated by the French law. Indeed, when you contract for payroll services, you will be subject to regulation. As part of ABC Portage, all legal steps are managed by the company.

Our services

Why do you want a payroll service in France ?

You want to hire French staffing

You want to hire a consultant based in France but you do not know the steps? ABC Portage takes care of everything

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You don't have an entity in France

It is possible to hire a French consultant even if you do not have a entity in France thanks to ABC Portage

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You want to discharge your administrative tasks

ABC Portage offers all their clients an administrative support service to facilitate the hiring of the consultant

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You want legal advices

You want advice on French laws or employment opportunities? ABC Portage tells you everything...

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Umbrella company

The wage portage which is regulated by the French law since 2008 allows an efficient collaboration between clients and independent consultants in good conditions.

About ABC Portage

Present in the major economic clusters: Paris (head office), Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Marseille and Toulouse, the group offers flexible and efficient payroll services certified by Bureau Veritas ISO 9001.


ABC Portage handles the administrative and accounting management of consultants' business, allowing them to focus on their core business and finding customers.