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A very simple process

You sign a work order with the consultant and ABC Portage.  A bill corresponding to the services negotiated is sent to you at the end of the assignment (or at the end of each month).

Easy and fast to implement


First contact with ABC Portage
Presentation of the project, FAQ

Finalizing your contract with your Business customer
ABC offers the necessary logistics

Sign the “Portage Agreement” between you and ABC Portage
This contract confirms our partnership

Sign the “Project Contract” between ABC Portage and your Business customer
Outline contractual conditions regarding the project and your client

Sign the “Employment Contract” between ABC Portage and You
Security for your job status

Transfer of salaries
According to your timing and with total transparency


A work order is signed in order to establish the terms and objectives of the work assignment. ABC Portage and your consultant are bound by a contractual agreement and a work order. These contracts are compliant with the governing collective labor agreement (SYNTEC). Moreover, ABC Portage carries professional insurance coverage to  guarantee our activities under the provision of consulting and business development services.


From the moment negotiations are finalized with each party, the documentation process can be rapidly completed. As soon as the work order is signed, the consultant can immediately begin work on your project.

Cost control

You have total control of your costs.  You order services for a pre-defined time period. The amount you are billed is the amount previously negotiated with the consultant. There are no additional charges.


By engaging ABC Portage as your Freelance Administration provider, you can focus on managing your strategic business objectives by incorporating the expertise you need.


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