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 The fast-paced and ever-growing market in France is increasing the demand for individuals with certain specialised skill sets, technical and organisational knowledge, consultancy and more.

This opens a host of job opportunities for both local and foreign individual contractors alike.

If your area of expertise brings your prospects here in France and if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to set up your business for absolutely no cost, then ABC Portage is for you.

Why portage?

Portage is the creative alternative to self employment.

  • It’s for people who wish to set up a business or pursue self-employment but do not want to undergo the mountain of paperwork.
  • It’s also for those individuals who just wish to test the market without having to put out so much or risk their assets.
  • It’s for people who lack administrative skills or know-how to do back-office work and wish to pass the obligations to others.
  • It’s for individuals who find themselves in between jobs who do not want anything permanent but wish to have rights and employee status.
  • It’s for overseas contractors who wish to get representation for their business in France and be able to work in the country because they have market here.

If you see yourself as one of these individuals, ready to work and earn then register with ABC Portage today.

Register at Absolutely Zero Cost

There is no registration fee for ABC Portage. When you enlist as an employee for ABC Portage, service fees are negotiated and agreed upon in accordance with the length of time you avail of our service. Other than that there are no additional costs.

In self-employment or proprietorship, you have to go through the mountain of paperwork to get your business registered. Creating a business also requires a substantial amount of money to get yourself up and running.

ABC Portage offers you a solution.

Registering with us allows you skip all the hassles of creating your own business. We let you get right down to work. And it costs absolutely nothing.

Registering with us gives you the status of employee and all the rights an employee is entitled to. This allows you to pursue your business as quickly and efficiently as possible, putting out as little as possible.

No Miscellaneous or Hidden Fees

When you register with ABC Portage, you avail of our services. This is what you pay for. We take care of the administrative portion of the job, so you won’t have to.

For a certain fee, we settle your paperwork for you and we take care of invoicing and billing your clients.

This fee will be deducted from your contract earnings or client invoice, what’s left will be your employee salary. This is the only fee ABC Portage will be deducting. No hidden fees, no miscellaneous charges.

If you are raising a quizzical brow at the thought of having others sticking their hands into your earnings to take away however much they please, let us stop you there.

We, here at ABC Portage, provide a service. Our services are limited to administrative work and that’s all you will be paying for. The fee is also not some imagined value subject to change, but a computed percentage based on our negotiations.

(For further details on how portage fees and salaries are computed, please refer to our article on take home pay calculation)

Putting up your own business costs money and you run the risk of having your assets seized once things go under. Not to mention the miscellaneous costs of back office paperwork and maintenance expenses.

Far be it from us to discourage risk-takers, who go out there and brave the market alone. But with ABC Portage, you don’t have to.

To learn more about how to register with ABC Portage, contact a member today.

Work-Related Costs

ABC Portage helps you avoid more costs.

We take on a variety of employees to cater to an even more varied array of clients. Naturally, there will be work-related costs that accompany certain jobs.

These are not additional fees but necessary expenses that arise from work that demands it.

Not all jobs require employees to sit in front of computers or behind desks, some jobs ferry them away to different sites and locations — to field work, to lunch meetings, to on-site assignments. This entails expenditure on the part of the employee.

But there is no need to worry. ABC Portage has its employees covered. Being our employee grants you benefits, among them is to claim expenses.

We at ABC Portage know our employees take their work seriously and we would like to make sure they are properly compensated for it. We take care of our employees. So don’t worry if you have to cash out now, we will make sure that you would be reimbursed later.

Read our article on claiming expenses for further information.

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