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Companies adapt their employment procedures according to the overall regulatory framework in France. However, the regulations for the labor market are rather often seen as rigid and challenging. There are different considerations regarding employment, compensation, taxes and holiday and leave-sick.

The penalties and fines for organizations that are unable to comply with the many rules and nuances of France’s employment laws can be damaging. Thus, conducting payroll in France is a very important and delicate task. We act as a payroll supplier and it encompasses all consultants’ assignments. We will be in charge of:

  • Administrative issues with the French administration
  • Social taxes
  • Tax issues
  • Business expenses

ABC Portage has many years of experience supporting big companies and providing services from different industries and countries. If you are inexperienced with payroll in France, ABC Portage has your back. We will assume every task, so you can focus on your business projects and core activities in France.

Difference between suppliers

There are different services suppliers which are usually more complicated to set up. It includes companies, independent contractors, freelancers and others. In France, Limited Companies can be EURL (Entreprise Unipersonelle à Responsibilité Limitée), which is run by a sole operator, and SARL (Société à Responsabilité Limitée), any business run by more than one operator.

Working with an umbrella offers multiple benefits for companies because it combines the facilities of hiring a freelancer and contracting the services of a company. Here are some of the differences between the most popular service suppliers.

Hiring a company’s service Hiring an umbrella Hiring a freelancer
Working with a company offers an idea of professionalism involved Umbrellas can offer quality as are intermediaries. Since ABC Portage signs a contract with both parties, it can ensure a good professionnal relationship between all parties There’s usually no way to tell the quality of the service, especially if it’s the first time you get it contact with the freelancer
Often implies a higher cost Negotiations between your company and the consultant is direct, you both get to an agreement on the price, which is usually less than a company’s price The negotiations are direct, and the cost is way less than working with a company
Negotiations can take a lot of time, with offers back and forth. This process can delay the start of the project It is a “hassle free” way of contracting. The project can start in a matter of hours with an umbrella provider As long as you get to an agreement with the freelancer, they can start with your project
Companies have coverage for any risk or emergency at work ABC Portage will take the professional responsibility. The service provider is their employee and they have coverage for any risk at work. You don’t have to pay extra Most independent workers don’t count with a special coverage for emergencies or risks at work
You just pay the company for the service required. They are in charge of the payroll for their workers ABC Portage will manage the administrative aspects of the job such as timesheet, taxes and other fees. Your company won’t have to worry about payrolls, just providing the payment you agreed on with the consultant You will have to assume all the administrative issues and provide the payroll for the service a freelancer offers you