How does wage portage work with us ?

The company applies a clear procedure in all its partnerships. This guarantees an optimum quality for the consultants as well as for the business customers. You wish to work with us? Let’s take stock on our methodology as a whole.

Information intake

At ABC Portage, access to reliable and updated information is essential. Therefore, we offer a blog section on the updates of wage portage.

We discuss, in multiple articles, all the subjects which could be of interest to the wage portage consultants. These articles also reach out to entrepreneurs who want to start a secure wage portage activity.

We also inform our readers on the events linked to wage portage. These events can be anywhere in France.

Simulation tool in french

In order to help entrepreneur consultants and business customers, we offer simulation tools.

For the consultants, the simulation tool allows :

  • to have information on your situation (employee, undergoing restructuring, self-entrepreneur, business manager, etc.).
  • to determine your wishes on a monthly salary.
  • to set up the duration of your wage portage missions.
  • to choose between several assisting options by Resources Manager.
  • to contact Resources Manager’ counsellors for a personal exchange.

For the businesses, the simulation tool allows :

  • to have access to information on wage portage.
  • to determine the mission’s object and category.
  • to set up the budget and needs (full-time or part-time).
  • to contact our counsellors for a personal exchange.

This simulation tool is appreciated by the consultants as by the business customers. It offers a clear view which allows to answer to all the professional needs.

Making an appointment

The consultant who wishes to work with a company or a company which decides to work with a consultant can call upon an umbrella company.

In fact, the umbrella company can be an intermediate between two professional players. In this context, it assists the consultant and the business customer for the successful implementation of the mission.

The appointment and situation’s analysis

During the appointment with the ABC Portage’ teams, the procedure is simple :

  • Our counsellors take stock on the situation and the needs of our interlocutor.
  • Our counsellors offer the best adapted solution.
  • Our counsellors inform on the French legal framework and on wage portage.
  • Our teams are then at the disposal of the consultants and the business customers to answer to all their questions.

Signing of the contract

When all the elements have been determined, the consultants sign a contract with the umbrella company. This contract can be time-limited or open-ended.

Therefore, the business customer doesn’t sign a contract with the consultant. Furthermore, it settles the invoice directly to the umbrella company. The Resources ManagerLinks Consultants company bears responsibility to hire the wage portage consultants.


Resources Manager company enters into a contract relation with the wage portage consultants. This allows to financially secure their situation. Therefore, a wage portage consultant receives a salary throughout the mission.

The monthly salary is given even if the business customer hasn’t yet totally settled the service. This advance on salary is a considerable advantage for the business customers :

They are sure the consultant will finish his mission. Furthermore, the consultant doesn’t take care of the service’s adjunct elements.
They can settle at the end of the mission, which allows to consolidate cash.
Wage portage thereby enables to secure the consultant’s activity, which will allow him to work more efficiently.

Setting-up a digital interface

In order to facilitate interactions with ABC Portage teams, each consultant has a multifunctional digital interface. This dedicated online space is a great daily help. It allows to save time on the small administrative and accounting tasks.

Thanks to Resources Manager assistance, the consultant can easily follow-up the elements concerning his mission. He is informed of the business customers’ settlements. Our help allows him to only concentrate on his expert mission. We take care of all the administrative, accounting and social obligations.

The daily personalised assistance

Resources manager is not just administrative management and production of accounting records. Our team is available to facilitate the consultant’s and business customer’s daily needs and help them overcome their potential difficulties.

Our teams have legal, accounting and business expertise. This allows them to answer to all the multiple requests and problems.

For the business customers, our assistance is organised in 4 parts :

  • The set-up a quick and financially interesting solution for your projects.
  • The offer of expert profiles to achieve your missions.
  • The respect of the legal framework and obligations concerning the labour code.
  • The follow-up of the mission’s smooth running concerning the business plan.

This sharp methodology allows us today to be a leader in the field. We have more than 10,000 business customers which trust us. Choosing Resources Manager is the insurance of success in your projects in France as in foreign countries.