You know Umbrella company & you want to subscribe to this status?

Being your own boss is the dream of many people. According to a recent McKinsey survey, 13 million French people are involved with some kind of independent work. In France, workers are developing more in the digital world than in the rest of Europe, and presenting more flexibility in adopting new work systems.

Getting into freelancing can be hard in the start but once you are in track it becomes easier, and you get satisfaction from deciding your working space or whenever you want to start something new. These and other perks are a clear indication that the labor scenery is rapidly changing. They can also explain why the same study revealed that 80% of self-employed individuals had chosen that status, either as a primary or supplemental source of income (and the other 20% felt forced to adopt it).

But not everything that shines is gold. Some disadvantages of freelancing are that you’ll have to manage multiple clients and projects at the same time:

  • Managing multiple clients is hard
  • You will have to pay for your own benefits
  • You will also pay and manage your taxes
  • Getting started without a proper training is challenging
  • Payment moment could be difficult
  • You don’t have certain insurances and benefits

However, these problems are unexisting in the umbrella company concept. Unlike other forms of self-employment, the umbrella company offers advantages for consultants that are difficult to overcome.

This status is for professionals who:

  • Want to set up a business but do not want to register.
  • Wish to enjoy the perks of being an employee with the freedom of a freelancer.
  • Do not like the administrative tasks.
  • Are unemployed and looking for a temporary occupation.
  • Prefer to spend their time actually performing the job.
  • Desire a work-life balance and only work part-time.

If you feel identified, then this is definitely your dreamed occupation. Simply put, you will be able to work as a freelance for a client and, by using the services of the portage company, you will find yourself relieved of the administrative burden while receiving the social welfare benefits of an employee.

ABC Portage will help you deal with difficulties:

  • An accountant manager to help you with your simultaneous arrangements, projects, etc.
  • We pay for your benefits and manage your taxes.
  • You will receive a training course when you join.
  • We’ll pay you directly, not the client.
  • You have employee rights.

Creating a Limited Company or an Individual business, or else becoming a micro-entrepreneur, are other viable options but they can’t just compete with all the perks of joining the Pay porting model. This concept is halfway between self-employment and wage labor and it is a status adapted for people who have good expertise in a well-defined field.

Who can be a consultant?

Those who are specialized in unregulated intellectual services. Some areas of intervention are:

  • Data processing
  • Health
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Interpretation
  • Audit
  • Graphic artists
  • Human Resources
  • Translation
  • Business consultants

ABC Portage can help you achieve your goals whether you are…

  • an independent worker who wants to be free from accounting constraints,
  • a business creator wanting to develop a project without risks,
  • an executive or employee trying to combine activities to increase your income,
  • a young graduate looking for professional experience,
  • a senior wanting to share your knowledge and expertise,
  • a jobseeker willing to perform short-term projects, or
  • a retired person with plans of carrying out eventual missions.

Now, some common questions new consultants have are:

  • How can I register?

Registration is free! It’s very easy and yes, it costs absolutely nothing. The only cost is the percentage for the service fees provided, in other words, for which you will negotiate with your client a tariff that will take into account this commission for our work.

  • Can I have different clients at the same time?

Yes, you can fulfill multiple assignments simultaneously as you are the one who organizes your own schedule. As long as you comply with each contract satisfactorily in the set deadline, there is no obstacle to doing so. This will be beneficial for your economy.

  • Will I have a subordination relationship with my client?

No. The consultant only has a duty in relation to a contract but there isn’t an actual internal hierarchy.

  • Will I become an ABC Portage’s employee?

Yes, the legal subordination is present here. You will benefit from an employment contract but will keep your autonomy.

  • Are there more benefits for me?
  • Meetings and videoconferences to stay updated.
  • A huge network of consultants in France and abroad.
  • An online activity account.
  • Personalized support.

Don’t wait more and contact us. We can assist you in becoming a consultant to accomplish your career and personal goals.