Case study

Each year, we support different clients across business sectors and across borders. We count with over 10 000 consultants and have consolidated as a leader in the Freelance Administration industry. Our services are ideal for different types of businesses including foreign enterprises who want to develop business in France or hire French staff. Indeed, 25% of our clients are internationally based.

Our client runs a company of professional makeup lines and gained recognition with top artists in the industry across different countries.

This enterprise didn’t have an office in France. Since the French market is remarkable for the makeup industry, they wanted to test the French market but were not familiar with the administrative and legal issues for working in the country and recruiting personnel, so they decided to leave all the billing, legal and tax issues to ABC Portage.

They wanted an introductory campaign for some of the products in their portfolio and test it in the market. They needed to understand the market and develop designs targeted to an audience highly important and challenging as the French and since they didn’t want to handle all the procedures, they came to us and hired professionals in designing for BTL campaigns for a project.


Even though our client had achieved success in various countries, it wasn’t very familiar with the preferences and interests of the French market. They needed specialists in marketing campaigns and design. At the same time, they didn’t have experience in processing timesheets and payrolls according to work legislation in France.


The client approached ABC Portage to support them with the administrative and legal procedures of hiring high-talented professionals.

The collaborators and the enterprise had freedom to negotiate their conditions and discuss different ideas for the testing launch and the project campaign. At the same time, they had the support of ABC Portage, who provided all the necessary logistics for their negotiations.

The presentation of the project was successful, and the enterprise was happy since they gained important insights about the market and had a draft for the testing launch. Besides, they hired some of the best talent in France even when the company was located abroad. They didn’t have to spend extra time and costs with issues regarding French administration.

Benefits to client

      • Best quality output provided to the client.
      • No recruitment, training, administrative or tax issues.
      • The draft for the campaign was highly professional.
      • Availability to work with experts from anywhere in France
      • Remarkable insides about the French market.
      • No extra costs for moving to France to deal with the consultants. ABC Portage offered all the support.


“We do not have an office in France and wanted to get ideas and a draft for a testing introductory campaign. As we lacked information about hiring people in the country, we decided to leave all these tasks and the billing to ABC Portage. From the beginning, they were supportive and responsive. The team was always available for us and ready to support any query”. – Sales Director