Help me to decide (FAQ)

What is Portage Salarial?

Portage Salarial with an umbrella company in France is a regulated status consisting on a tripartite system which involves a freelance consultant, a customer company and the umbrella company. Payroll porting allows the consultant to bill for his work without creating a structure and facilitates the company a needed service without hiring an employee.

Why choose umbrella company over individual enterprise?

Everything has pros and cons but a quick comparison between the two models can help make a decision.

Among the many advantages of Payroll are:

  • Employee status. Social security, unemployment insurance and other benefits.
  • Within an umbrella company you are completely independent and free of your choice of activities.
  • Avoid administrative concerns. The umbrella company will handle declarations, accounting, social security contributions, etc.
  • ABC Portage has a big network of customer companies.
  • Rely on the experience and professionalism of ABC Portage.

Self-entrepreneurs, on the other hand, experience a different situation:

  • They struggle to find clients and good projects.
  • Payment for the service of an accountant (or handling the administrative themselves).
  • Lack of unemployment insurance and minimal social cover.
  • Many additional responsibilities, so there is less time left for work.

Can I trust in ABC Portage services?

ABC Portage is a leading portage group with 14 years of experience. Our numbers speak for ourselves:

  • 6,000 referenced companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity.
  • Turnover close to 65M €
  • Financial guarantee of 3M€
  • 10,000 consultants accompanied.

We favor the support and follow-up of consultants and their client companies. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you upon your first contact to assist you in the definition of projects, needs related and the establishment of the most suitable contracts.

Moreover, ABC Portage is member of the Union of Wage-earning Employment Professionals (PEPS) and signatory of the code of ethics that guarantees the safety and protection of workers. As an ISO 9001-certified company, compliance with commitments are ensured. We also contribute to the Association for the Management of the Guarantee Scheme for Employee Claims (AGS), which protects employees regarding the payment of wages and benefits. AXA provides financial guarantee as well.

Who charges my service?

You are the one who negotiates the rate but ABC Portage collects the payment from your client and is responsible of paying you after deducting taxes, social security contributions and our commission.

How can I learn to charge for my service the adequate amount?

No matter the size of the assignment, the type of service or the specific terms, the first thing you need to have in mind is that the amount that will be charged will also be used for the social charges and management fees. You have to calculate all of these when you are thinking in your desired net salary. Of course, your quote will depend on your qualification and expertise as well as the difficulty of the mission.

In our training sessions you will be able to meet with colleagues and exchange feedback. If you are new as a consultant, these informative meetings are your opportunity to listen to other experiences and get to know the usual fee other experts in your field are charging.

How long does it take to start a project?

The process is simple and rapid. After negotiations between consultant and client are finished, ABC Portage issues the Employment Contract within 48 hours. Once you start your mission, there will be no distractions and you can finish it within the deadline marked on your own arrangements.

Will I be able to find good projects in my field of specialization?

At ABC Portage we are in contact with plenty of organizations from a variety of sectors, ensuring consultants will find enough interesting projects in a wide range of activities.

What topics are addressed in the informative meetings?

In the daily activity of a consultant, many problems may occur and specific doubts may arise, and this is why ABC Portage seeks to anticipate these situations and use the meetings as practical trainings to respond to the most common conflicts and solve the main questions.

Some of the most frequent queries are:

  • What are the differences between micro-entrepreneur, portage salary and individual enterprise?
  • How to find my first clients?
  • What are my social and tax obligations?
  • In which cases can I deduct my mission expenses from my income?
  • Am I ensured when I perform my missions?
  • What is my net remuneration on my turnover?

How often are the informative meetings and where do they take place?

ABC Portage organizes video conferences and monthly meetings throughout France. You can contact our offices located in Paris, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse to know when will be the next meeting in the nearest place from you. There are more than 200 free meetings every year.