Human Resources

Working with an umbrella is highly beneficial for companies because they can trust that it will take care of all regulations and management tasks involved in working and hiring practices.

ABC Portage offers absolute compliance, so you don’t have to worry about legal procedures. Some of the advantages of working with us include:

Cost Control

Under the scheme of umbrellas, you won’t have to incurr in the traditional costs of recruiting or time spent checking resumes or interviewing hundreds of candidates, among others. In the same way, working with us means that you won’t have to spend extra time worrying about taxes of each employee. ABC Portage will assume all administrative tasks and all the client has to do is release the payment agreed with the selected service provider.

If your business needs services from professionals in a variety of fields, contacting ABC Portage is the best option for you to save time and focus on core activities. You will have total control of your costs. It is as simple as ordering a service for some period. There are not unexpected charges: the amount you are billed is the one you agreed on while negotiating with the consultant. ABC Portage takes the responsibility of putting the collaborate on the payroll and manages all the issues regarding the French administration.


In order to establish the terms and objectives of the project, different documents are signed between the client and the umbrella, while some others focus on the relationship between the umbrella and the consultant. These documents fulfil the compliance requirements of the Governing Collective Labor Agreement.

ABC Portage is always worried to ensure the best for clients and consultants. Therefore, it carries professional insurance coverage to guarantee the activities under the provision of consulting and business development services. We have the expertise necessary to set up your personnel in France and the ability to manage the assignments of your consultants so you do not have to worry about it.


Once the negotiations between all the parties involved in an umbrella scheme are finished, all the processes for documentation can be completed rapidly and without extra worries.

From the moment your company signs the Work Order with ABC Portage, the umbrella employee can start working on the project required. It is as simple as that, so there is no time lost.

ABC Portage can guarantee the assignment of your consultants since it assumes all the administrative, social and tax issues along with business expenses. Your only responsibility regarding the project in matter is to sign the Work Order and pay the bill once the tasks are finished.


Umbrellas simplify most processes for companies and consultants. ABC Portage assumes all the managerial tasks and legal procedures. Since you do not have to waste your energies with any of these, you can direct your resources, time and focus to managing your strategic business objectives, while trusting professionals that will do their best to help your company.

You have fully flexibility at selecting the right candidate for the task and at negotiating directly with the consultant you choose.